Soft-like Requirement for Resource

I have a host-level resource called “speed” that is either fast or normal. Some users want to be able to request a “fast” host but if there are none available, get scheduled on a normal host.

Is there a way, either in qsub or the scheduler to have that resource be a “soft” requirement? Or would this be better served via placement sets?

soft limit can be applied to the consumable resources.


  • qsub wrapper script which checks the current availability and updates the qsub request and submits the job ( aware of race condition when multiple users are submitting job )

Solution 2:
Create a 3 queues:

  1. fastq – mapped to fast nodes (default_chunk.speed=fast )
  2. slowq – mapped to slow nodes (default_chunk.speed=slow)
  3. anyq – mapped to all nodes (default chunk speed=any)

node1 – resources_available.speed=fast,all
node2 – resources_available.speed=slow,all

  1. server periodic hook, which check if job in fastq has not fast nodes, it qmoves the job to anyq and the same for slowq and slow nodes

Hi Adarsh,
Thanks for the info. I’m leaning Solution 2, one question:

  1. anyq - mapped to all nodes (default_chunk.speed=all) is the correct syntax right? Provided you set nodeX - resources_available.speed=(fast/slow),all
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Yes, your understanding is correct