Too few resources on placement set

Hi all,

I have configured placement sets in a OpenPBS installation based on Rocky Linux. I have some nodes connected to a switch and the remaining connected on a second switch; both nodes and switches are the same hence I have tried placement sets. In particular I have

*defined the resource in sched_priv/config:
*set do_not_span_psets to False and only_explicit_psets to True
*defined the resources: switch type=string_array flag=h
*defined for each node pnames=switch1 and resource_available.switch=switch1 (or switch2)

the system is working as expected, meaning that if I ask for nodes it tries not allocate across the placement set.

However, when I ask explicitly for a host some times I got from qstat too few resources on placement set switch1; this is normally due to some problems with the node definition. I’d expect that, since it beyond the node I asked the placement set is not empy, the error would relate directly to the problem with the node with something like not enough resouces: host.
I wonder if there’s something I am missing.

thank you in advance for your time.