Update of PBS Job name

Hi All,

Please review the new design for updates of PBS job name posted at:

Please let me know of any comments or suggestions.


@Sudeshna please use the format (see other EDDs) and specify which PBS attribute is being changed (ATTR_N).

Thanks @subhasisb I have modified the EDD. Can you please review once.

looks good Sudeshna.

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Your updated EDD looks good. Thanks!

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Hi @Sudeshna,

Could you please add detail on whether ‘.’ will be accepted as the last character of the job or not.


Hi @prakashcv13,

  • Yes, similar to dash, underscore, plus, numeric, or alphabetic, the dot (".") character also can be the first character.
    [root@centosvm job_scripts]# qstat
    Job id Name User Time Use S Queue

2029.centosvm .abc root 00:00:00 R workq
2030.centosvm .123-xyz root 00:00:00 R workq
2031.centosvm -123-xyz root 00:00:00 R workq
2032.centosvm +123-xyz root 00:00:00 R workq
2033.centosvm _123-xyz root 0 Q workq
2034.centosvm abc.xyz root 0 Q workq