Updates coming soon to OpenPBS

At Altair we remain committed to maintaining OpenPBS alongside our commercial version, PBS Professional. We’ve recently pushed some bug fixes and updates from PBS Professional to OpenPBS and we have more coming.

The changes recently pushed to OpenPBS include:

And we have the following updates coming soon. These have already been fixed in PBS Professional and we are now making the enhancements and bug fixes available to the OpenPBS community.

  • Server hook just after job accepted into queue after all defaults applied
  • Job throughput may be reduced with hooks configured
  • User that has the default login group job gets Held with “No Group Entry for Group -default-” in the mom log
  • Cray ATOM hook will offline nodes if a user name is not yet visible from an execution host
  • Fix problems in AVL tree handling duplicates
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS : gcc (Ubuntu 11.2.0-19ubuntu1) 11.2.0 : Compilation warnings and cpack errors
  • RHEL 9 : PBS compilation warnings
  • qmgr fails with an error ‘End of File’, ‘qmgr: Protocol error, server disconnected’]"
  • Server crashing while altering a job when python_restart_max_objects is set
  • Avoid python interpreter restarts on CRUD operations on resources

Dr Rosemary Francis, Chief Scientist for HPC Altair