/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/4411365.sched01.SC: line 31: 175769 Killed ${EXE} ${ARGS}

hi i have been running a job on CHPC cluster but it has been terminated exit status 137.
the error file at the end
have this message
/var/spool/PBS/mom_priv/jobs/4411365.sched01.SC: line 31: 175769 Killed ${EXE} ${ARGS}

i would appreciate any help to solve this
thank you.

Please share your script , specially lines 25 to 35.


Select 1 node with 8 CPUs

#PBS -l select=1:ncpus=8:mpiprocs=8

Job Name

#PBS -N dstats

Project code

#PBS -P CBB****
#PBS -l walltime=130:00:00
#PBS -q seriallong
#PBS -o /mnt/lustre/users/username/Dstatistics/DSTATistics11.out
#PBS -e /mnt/lustre/users/username/Dstatistics/DSTATistcs11.err

Send email on abort, begin and end

#PBS -m abe

Specify mail recipient


module add chpc/BIOMODULES
module add angsd/0.933

module add chpc/healthcheck/0.2
healthcheck -v || exit 1
module del chpc/healthcheck/0.2

NP=cat ${PBS_NODEFILE} | wc -l

Run the executable

ARGS=“-doAbbababa 2 -doCounts 1 -b BAM_list_for_dstat.txt -nThreads 30 -ref GCF_003160815.1_VulVul2.2_genomic.fna -useLast 1”

cd /mnt/lustre/users/username/Dstatistics/
${EXE} ${ARGS}