What are the Type 95, Type 58, and Type 0 log messages?

I was just looking at our logs. 99% of the log lines are license manager related or like this:

;0100;Server@;Req;;Type <95 | 58 |0> request received from root@, sock=18

What is the meaning of those three types? Do they tell me anything useful? What is the significance of sock=? Is this documented anywhere?



These are batch request message types. You can refer to libpbs.h to look up what a type maps to, e.g, these 3 types are:

#define PBS_BATCH_Authenticate 95
#define PBS_BATCH_StatusNode 58
#define PBS_BATCH_Connect 0

Even though it’s a hassle to have to look them up, they are immensely useful when investigating bugs

I think that just says which connection the request came from

No, we only document the accounting logs. The server, comm, mom and sched logs are primarily used by devs and field to debug issues, they can change without any notice.

Thanks. I will add libpbs.h to my list of helpful stuff.

This was helpful as it gives me an idea when I should and should not grep those out.

FWIW, this command line filters out 99.9% of the log messages and seems to leave the job and queue related stuff:

cat <logfile> | egrep -v "Type [[:digit:]]{1,2}" | egrep -v License | egrep -v "command [[:digit:]]"

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The names of the codes are listed in Request Codes chapter of the Reference Guide. We don’t explain what they mean, however.

Also good to know.

FYI, 95 does not appear to be listed in the 2021.1 BigBook.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take care of it.