Zombie process: server_dyn_res

I’ve configured PBS (i’m referring to /sched_priv/sched_config) to use dynamic resources (licenses management)

This is a part of sched_config

 server_dyn_res: "al4gem !/apps/lic_ansys_check/license_check_ansys.sh al4gem"
 server_dyn_res: "STRIKE_MAIN !/apps/schrodinger/2020.3/utilities/pbs_lic_sensor.pl STRIKE_MAIN"

If I check the running processes on my system i see a lots of defunct (zombie) process. A zombie process is spawned each time the server_dyn_res is called.

The problem is that i fill the process space ("/proc/sys/kernel/pid_max") and the system hangs.

Now, for example, i’ve 33400 defunct processes

I’m running pbs 20.0.1, This kind of problem does not happens on older version of pbs.

Any hint is really appreciated

Hello, this was recently fixed at https://github.com/openpbs/openpbs/pull/2108.

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