Account_Name is not working with fairshare

Hi Guys,
We’ve recently upgraded from v19.3 to v20.0.1 and we used to have fairshare that’s based on Account_Name, it does not seem to work in our new grid (v20.0.1) is there any knows issue with that?

pbsfs does report usage of users, e.g. user:roymosko but it does not accumulate usage for the fairshare account names:

here are our server config in sched_config
source /etc/pbs.conf;cat $PBS_HOME/sched_priv/sched_config | grep -v “#” | grep ^[a-zA-Z]
round_robin: False all
by_queue: True all
strict_ordering: false all
help_starving_jobs: false all
backfill_prime: false ALL
prime_exempt_anytime_queues: false
primetime_prefix: p_
nonprimetime_prefix: np_
job_sort_key: “job_priority HIGH” ALL
node_sort_key: “ncpus HIGH unused” ALL
provision_policy: “aggressive_provision”
resources: “ncpus, mem, arch, host, vnode, aoe, eoe, …”
load_balancing: false ALL
smp_cluster_dist: pack
fair_share: true ALL
unknown_shares: 1
fairshare_usage_res: ncpus*walltime
fairshare_entity: Account_Name
fairshare_decay_time: 00:30:00
fairshare_decay_factor: 0.5
preemptive_sched: true ALL
dedicated_prefix: ded

I would aprecaite any help on the subject.


I believe this is a known bug which has been fixed in master. I suggest you clone master and build the RPM yourself.

If you don’t wish to compile head of master, you can clone 20.1 and fix it manually. There is an array of attributes in query_jobs() which the scheduler requests from the server. Account_Name was accidently left out of that list. Add it there and everything should work.



Thank you @bhoram, is there any released version (compiled packages to be downloaded) that have the fix?

I am not involved with when we release. I just don’t know.