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I am able to run jobs with my user account (saf112092). When I list the faireshare usage using pbsfs, my user does not appear:

Previously I created a HPC using PBSPro. I am surprised that there is no pbs_login. Does that means users never have to login? Is this related to the problem above?


Please refer this document on PBS Pro fairshare

Please set your scheduler iteration to 30 seconds
qmgr : set server scheduler_iteration=30
Also, please share your sched_config file : $PBS_HOME/sched_priv/sched_config

set server scheduler_iteration is set at 15.


round_robin: False all
by_queue: True prime
by_queue: True non_prime
strict_ordering: false ALL
help_starving_jobs: true ALL
max_starve: 24:00:00
backfill_prime: false ALL
prime_exempt_anytime_queues: false
primetime_prefix: p_
nonprimetime_prefix: np_
node_sort_key: “sort_priority HIGH unsused” ALL
provision_policy: “aggressive_provision”
sort_queues: true ALL
resources: “ncpus, mem, arch, host, vnode, aoe, slot_type, group_id, ungrouped, disk, ngpus, nodearray, vm_size, lic_abaqus_q, lic_abaqus_q_latam, qlist”
load_balancing: false ALL
smp_cluster_dist: pack
fair_share: true ALL
unknown_shares: 10
fairshare_usage_res: cputpow(lic_abaqus_q,5)
fairshare_usage_res: cput
fairshare_entity: Account_Name
fairshare_decay_time: 1:00:00
fairshare_decay_factor: 0.4
server_dyn_res: “lic_abaqus_q !/opt/cycle/pbspro/server_dyn_res_wrapper.sh lic_abaqus_q /opt/lmtools/abaqus_lic abaqus false 0”
server_dyn_res: “lic_abaqus_q_latam !/opt/cycle/pbspro/server_dyn_res_wrapper.sh lic_abaqus_q_latam /opt/lmtools/abaqus_lic abaqus false 1”
preemptive_sched: true ALL
preempt_queue_prio: 150
preempt_prio: “express_queue, normal_jobs”
preempt_order: “SCR”
preempt_sort: min_time_since_start
dedicated_prefix: ded
log_filter: 3328

I found a problem:

in sched_config i set two fairshare_usage_res because I have 2 pools of abaqus licenses one for europe one for latin america:
fairshare_usage_res: cputpow(lic_abaqus_q,5)
fairshare_usage_res: cput

When printing fairshare usage qith pbsfs, the first line shows the second fairshare usage. Right now nobody is using it since I am in europe and I am the only user (testing and building the HPC).

This is probably why I do not appear.

I will try this:
fairshare_usage_res: cputpow(lic_abaqus_q,5) + cputpow(lic_abaqus_q_latam,5)

Keep you in touch

Yes it works fine BUT be careful, there should not be any space in the formula like in my previous post. Here is the right way to do it:

fairshare_usage_res: cputpow(lic_abaqus_q,5)+cput pow(lic_abaqus_q_latam,5)

[root@ip-0A582E84 ~]# pbsfs
Fairshare usage units are in: cputpow(lic_abaqus_q,5)+cputpow(lic_abaqus_q_latam,5)
TREEROOT : Grp: -1 cgrp: 0 Shares: -1 Usage: 1384130 Perc: 100.000%
unknown : Grp: 0 cgrp: 1 Shares: 10 Usage: 1384130 Perc: 100.000%
saf112092 : Grp: 1 cgrp: -1 Shares: 1 Usage: 1384129 Perc: 100.000%

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