BoF Session @ ISC18, Frankfurt, Germany, 25-27 Jun 2018

Our community BoF Session was accepted for this year’s ISC 2018 conference (

If you will be attending ISC, please consider offering to speak about your use of PBS Pro, tips, tricks, enhancements, feedback, or about any topic relevant to the community. If you’d like to volunteer, please reply to this note or contact me directly. More info to follow as the event gets closer…

BOF Details

PBS Pro Open Source Project Community BOF

The PBS Pro open source project delivers software for job scheduling and workload management for HPC clusters and clouds. The software was born at NASA Ames Research Center in the 1990s, and, by the 2010s, became one of the top tools of its kind. In mid-2016, PBS Pro became a fully open source solution, with a growing community of developers and users around the globe. Join the PBS Pro community ( – users, developers, contributors, and open source enthusiasts – to learn what’s new and drive the future of PBS Pro. After a short introduction, this BOF will be open discussion and feedback. In particular, the goal is two-fold: engaging those interested in participating in the open source PBS Pro project, and providing a forum for honest advice and feedback on both software and project.

Targeted Audience
HPC enthusiasts interested in job scheduling and resource management for HPC clusters, supercomputers, and clouds. This BOF specifically targets existing and potential contributors to the PBS Pro open source project, such as HPC sysadmins, IT managers, and researchers (users of the software).

Just announced by ISC:

The PBS Pro BOF will be held Wednesday, June 27th, 3:45pm - 4:45pm:

Friendly reminder – if you’ll be at ISC 2018 in Frankfurt next week, please join me at the PBS Pro BOF on Wed, Jun 27 at 3:45p in room “Pikkolo”. Hope to see you there!