PBS Pro Community Meet-up / BOF @ ISC 2017 in Frankfurt, Wed, Jun 21 @ 10:30a


There will be a PBS Pro community BOF (a meet-up) as part of the ISC 2017 High Performance computing conference in Frankfurt Germany on Wed, June 21st from10:30a - 11:30a in room Kontrast.

Please join us – users, developers, contributors, and open source enthusiasts – to learn what’s new and drive the future of PBS Pro. After a short introduction, this BOF will be open discussion and feedback. In particular, the goal is two-fold: engaging those interested in participating in the open source PBS Pro project, and providing a forum for honest advice and feedback on both software and project.

Full details of “BoF 18: PBS Pro Open Source Project Community” can be found on the ISC site at http://www.isc-hpc.com/isc17_ap/sessiondetails.htm?t=session&o=453

Hope to see you there!

- bill

Bill Nitzberg