Changing a jobs Output_Path and Error_Path values

for various reasons in a qsub hook the Job_Name of a job needs to be changed.
this as a side effect modifies the Output_Path/Error_Path values on the job.
maybe its not really a “modification” but rather just a normal result now that the job name is different.

in the same qsub hook right after the Job_Name change the job is held.

shortly there after the Job_Name is put back to the original value from within a non-hook python
script using the ptl package and connecting to the PBS server the job is sitting on.

The Job_Name gets changed nicely.

The python script also sets the Output_Path and Error_Path values back to reflect the original job name.
This change however does not seem to actually change anything on the job.

When it runs the eo files are using the “temp” job name.

any thoughts on why the Output/Error paths cant be externally changed?



never mind, this was self inflicted.