How to change default umask standard out and error

It would appear by default that the umask of a job’s standard output and error is 077.
We can change this for individual jobs with -W umask=33, but is it possible to change the default value?


possible solutions:

  1. you can use queuejob hook to set it for every job
  2. if you not set, then the system default umask would be used
  3. you can use a profile.d script and if it finds the pbs environment varialbe for the job id , then it sets the umask
  4. system admin can set the default umask on the system and by default PBS will respect it.

Thank you

Are you certain the default umask on the system is respected ?
It looks to be set to 022 on the system, but a man of the qsub shows that the default value is 077:
The umask with which the job is started. Sets job’s umask attribute to mask value. Controls umask of job’s standard output and standard error.

              The following example allows group and world read on the job's output:
                 -W umask=33

              Format: One to four octal digits; typically two

              Default value: 077


PBS Professional 2022.1 Reference Guide RG-141

Thank you

We are using are using pbs_version = 2022.05.11

Looks to be the older method PBS Professional 2021.1.3 RG-140

Is there an update we are missing?
Many thanks

You can specify this in the default_qsub_arugments at the server level

qmgr -c 'set server default_qsub_arguments="-Wumask=022"'

The user still has the option of overriding on an individual job with an argument to qsub or a directive in their job script.

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Thanks @arwild01, seems to work well.