Cloud Bursting with PBS

We want to use PBS cloud bursting, reference “PBS Professional 18.2 Big Book”, in section 11.4 “cloud Prerequisites” refers to “the Link your cloud account with PBS Control”, [PBSControlAdminGuide2018.2.pdf]( V =2), must be installing PBS Control and associated components in installation order. How to obtain these software? Is the software free? For example, pbsappsvcs_13.0.0-< OS>_x86_64_20170510_1147.bin, hwdesktop2017.x_linux64.bin, pbsa_2018.2_linux_x86_64-bin, pbscontrol_2018.2_312_20180628_08108.bin, thank you very much

  1. PBS Access suite, PBS Control and HyperWorks suite of tools are not free
  2. Please browse these links (if in case you have not)
    HPC Administrator's Control Center for Managing, Optimizing, and Forecasting Resources | Altair Control
    HPC Job Submission Portal for Researchers and Engineers | Altair Access
  3. If you are interested, Contact Altair

Thank you very much for your reply.Can PBS dynamically add nodes? For example, when the node is free, remove the node from the cluster and add the node to the cluster when there are jobs to be processed.

Could you please explain this concept. You can add and remove nodes(if node is not running a job) from PBS Pro anytime using qmgr command

  1. If the node is free, the PBS Pro will update the status of the node as free ( pbsnodes -av | grep state )
  2. If the node is offline, busy , down , the PBS Pro will the update the status respectively

In a cloud scenario,

** if the node is down or not available , then the node is down according to PBS Pro.
You can have a periodic hook or cronjob to remove the nodes which have status=down
** if a new node has booted up in the cloud, then you can have a cloud api to tell PBS new node has instantiated , hence add this node

Thank you for your patience. For Cloud Bursting, does it support other clouds besides amazon cloud, azure cloud, google cloud and oracle cloud? For example QCloud, Alibaba Cloud.

Yes, almost .

Please check

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