Configure maximum node to run on queue?

Dear PBS support team,
On cray system we are using PBS pro version 13.0. I want to setup default queue allow run maximum 4 nodes at the same time. I have just setup q default queue like that:

create queue default
set queue default queue_type = Execution
set queue default resources_max.arch = XT
set queue default resources_max.nodect = 4
set queue default resources_max.nodes = 4
set queue default resources_min.arch = XT
set queue default resources_min.mpiprocs = 1
set queue default resources_default.arch = XT
set queue default resources_default.mpiprocs = 1
set queue default default_chunk.arch = XT
set queue default default_chunk.nchunk = 1
set queue default enabled = True
set queue default started = True
But with configuration above, we can run many job with maximum 4 nodes per job at the same time. So how to configure for one job only at the same time, another job should be queue.
Thank you very much

Could anyone please help me in this case? Thank you.

You can setup restriction on cpu core request, mem request, consumable custom resource request.
If you would like to make sure upto 4 nodes are taken per job then

  • all the jobs should request exclusive resources (node)
    example: qsub -l select=4:ncpus=4 -l place=excl -q default -- /bin/sleep 100
  • create a queuejob hook that check whether the user request is not more than 4 nodes in that queue and also make sure if -place=excl is not requested, the queuejob hook adds it

I hope this helps