Queue for specific node

Hello guys.

I have a cluster with 18 compute nodes and 5 queues. These queues has some particular sets and all of them is able to send a job to all 18 compute nodes.

Now I would like to create a new queue and send a job to a particular compute node (eg. cn01). But this compute node (cn01) needs to be available in the other queues.

I was reading the PBSAdmin guide, and I saw something like filtering and tagging but I’am not sure how to setup it.

How can I achive it.


You set a resource_available.Qlist on your node and have your queue use it.

pbs_admin_node# qmgr -c " set node cn01 resources_available.Qlist += foobar "
Do this only to the one node you want to use, it appends to the current Qlist, which contains an arbitrary number of elements.

Anyway it should be a good start, good luck.
Then look at your queue
pbs_admin_node# qmgr -c “p q DanielSoloQueue”

some hash marks removed for clarity.
Create queues and set their attributes.

Create and define queue DanielSoloQueue

create queue DanielSoloQueue
set queue DanielSoloQueue queue_type = Execution
set queue DanielSoloQueue Priority = 148
set queue DanielSoloQueue acl_group_enable = False
set queue DanielSoloQueue default_chunk.Qlist = DanielSoloQueue
set queue DanielSoloQueue enabled = True
set queue DanielSoloQueue started = True

Change it to
set queue DanielSoloQueue default_chunk.Qlist = foobar

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