Configuring MVAPICH2 to use

I want to configure MVAPICH2 with “–with-pbs=/opt/pbs” to get tight integration. The hydra configure file, …/src/pm/hydra/configure, still seems to try to link instead (I’m looking specifically at MVAPICH2 2.3.3). Surely someone has already done this and maybe even documented it somewhere? I wanted to see if it’s already been done before I try to hack it myself.


Hi Peter,

I spent a few minutes poking around the MVAPICH2 source code, but it looks as though you will need to apply your own patch. Those pieces that mention libpbs refer to the archive library rather than the dynamic library that has been built by default for years now. I also think someone would have done this by now, but while that may be the case it hasn’t circulated back to the MVAPICH community.