Is needed on a running server?

We’re trying to troubleshoot some undefined references we’re seeing from when building OpenMPI 3.0. We want to move out of the way temporarily during the build so we pick up libpbs.a instead. If suddenly “goes away,” does anyone know if that will cause problems on a production server?

I’ve run ldd on all the running PBS processes I can see (pbs_comm, pbs_sched, pbs_server, etc.), and I don’t see any that depend on

Looking at the build logs, the PBS Pro binaries (pbs_mom, pbs_sched, etc.) are statically linked. That explains why you’re not seeing dependencies on There should not be any harm in moving out of the way, at least from that perspective.

The libpbs dynamic library was something added when PBS Pro went open source. Could you please indicate which symbols are missing? It may be possible you simply need to add some additional dynamic libraries to your link line. Here are some examples I see in the PBS Pro build log…

-lpthread -lpq -lssl -lcrypto -ldl -lcrypt -lc

You may only need one or two of these.

I didn’t want to post the details of the errors since we’re getting them on a commercial release, 14.2.3. I just wanted to ask the question here about the necessity of having to see if I could get a quick response.

If you’re curious about the details, they should be under [JIRA] (SUUS-110189). If you think it would be useful to cross post the details here, I could do that too.

Thanks for pointing out the issue. We’ll determine whether it’s a problem for development or documentation. Either way, we’ll address it.