Could not connect to server (15033) Batch protocol error

Hi all,

Very very new to this and i require some help please???


qterm: could not connect to server ‘servername’ (15033) Batch protocol error

pbs_connect received error code 15033 (‘Batch protocol error’) from trqauthd

If you require any other information let me know and i will post it accordingly.


Error 15033 maps to PBSE_NOCONNECTS which indicates there are too many open connections. It seems odd that trqauthd is involved because it is a component of Torque, and not PBS Pro. Are you certain you are calling the correct qterm command? Please verify that your path is set correctly.

Sorry for the late reply, how would i close down these open connections? im currently looking into the possible path issue will let you know the results.

i will look into the commands also but i believe that im using the correct commands.



command used: pbsnodes
socket_connect_unix failed: 15137
pbsnodes: cannot connect to server rhel7sr, error=15137 (could not connect to trqauthd)

now i turn on the trqauthd and get the following:

hostname: rhel7sr
Active server name: rhel7sr pbs_server port is: 15001
trqauthd daemonized - port /tmp/trqauthd-unix

i know test again with the pbsnodes command:

pbs_connect received error code 15033 (‘Batch protocol error’) from trqauthd

Unable to communicate with rhel7sr(
protocol failure.
pbsnodes: cannot connect to server rhel7sr, error=15033 (Batch protocol error)

I dont think im seeing the missing link here any help or advice would awesome thanks.

PBS Professional and TORQUE are completely independent software packages, the TORQUE client commands (like pbsnodes, qterm, etc., PBS Professional and TORQUE DO have many commands with the same command names in common) will not work with a PBS Professional server daemon, and vice versa.

If you are going to have both TORQUE and PBS Professional installed on the same set of systems (which I would very much recommend against) you need to be very careful to know which daemons (pbs_server, pbs_mom, pbs_sched, pbs_comm in PBS Pro) are running and where, and also which actual commands you are using to try to connect to them.

The fact that you are seeing an error mentioning “trqauthd” very likely means that you are using TORQUE’s pbsnodes command, rather than PBS Professional’s. “trqauthd” has nothing to do with PBS Professional.

It has been removed as i discovered the the clashes. However i have found a whole new problem which i just posted as it does not relate to to this posts heading.
if you can spare a few mins to check the new post i would be grateful?

Thanks for your time.