CPU utilizarion suddenly down

My sever has 64 core CPU… We run jobs and CPU utilizes 93%. But after sometimes the CPU utilization shown 42%…
What is the issue?

The CPU utilisation is the responsibility of the application that is been run on that server.
Some applications are cpu intensive, some are memory and some are I/O intensive.
The scheduler is reponsible for matching the request to the resources and schedule the job/workload onto the resources.

@adarsh sir… But same job is running on another server and its working fine… Also CPU utilization is showing 93%…

@mahwagh , please note , if you would like oversubscription of cpus for more utilisation, then you can do so , by virtually increasing the ncpus count on that compute node. The CPU utilisation is nothing to do with the workload manager or scheduler.

qmgr -c "set node NODNAME resources_available.ncpus=32" # if in case you have only 16 real cores