Cpuperc information

I am wondering the exact meaning of the resources_used.cpupercent value.
Running a job with 5 ncpus, 1 Node, I obtained a cpupercent for each cpus equal to 156% (779/5) which is greater than 100%. See the below qstat -f details.
I’m not able to explain that.
From the Admin Manual I see that a 100% cpupercent value corresponds to a full usage of the cpu (ref: - "A value of 300 means that during the period, the job used an average
of three CPUs")

    Job_Name = test
    Job_Owner = test@XXXXX
    resources_used.cpupercent = 779
    resources_used.cput = 127:26:39
    resources_used.mem = 8412808kb
    resources_used.ncpus = 5
    resources_used.vmem = 9454588kb
    resources_used.walltime = 19:31:40
    job_state = R

Thanks in advance for helping