Creating symlink to /etc/init.d/pbs instead of a separate copy

Hello All,

This PR proposes changes to create a symlink to /etc/init.d/pbs from $PBS_EXEC/libexec/pbs_init.d rather than creating a new copy.

This has the advantage that admin does not want to make their changes in two different places. systemctl relies on file in $PBS_EXEC directory and admins also depends on init script to start/stop PBS so it is better when they are in sync.

The drawbacks:

  1. When we have a copy, it serves as a backup if somebody breaks the init script when they edits them.
  2. Modifying files inside libexec directory is not a convention.

I invite feedbacks from admins so that we can proceed on this.

  • symbolic link might not work for all the customers
    • some customers customise /etc/init.d/pbs script to support PBS Pro HA in external fail-over framework
    • some customer do not care about this, as they do not care about these changes, if they can stop , start, restart services, they are happy as their setup is simple.
    • not sure how it will be integrated into cluster provisioning tools, as they have to made aware of
    • drawback mentioned above
  • 100% of the customers are used to this , making this basic change might affect many . A clear documentation on the same would avoid confusion ( i agree, both ways )

The description in the PR seems to indicate that the boot check file is the real source of the problem, and cleaning it up upon uninstall would resolve the issue. I don’t think we need to change our current approach as it relates to /etc/init.d/pbs since it only increases the risk something will go wrong for admins that customize the start/stop script.