Docker document update needed


I found this document and try to use PBS pro with docker, but it seems outdated.

There are 2 major issue.

  1. After docker run we are login as non-root user (pbsuser), so we have to exit before editing any PBS setting.
  2. node setting is missing in this document, we have to do following 2 settings to run submitted job.
[root@pbs]# qmgr -c "create node pbs"
[root@pbs]# qmgr -c "set  node pbs queue=workq"

Also, this document have unnecessary settings which is already done in

I hope this information will help someone who want to try PBS Pro with docker.
And I hope the person in charge will update that document.

One of our developers has updated the page. Please see whether it works for you now. Thanks.


Thank you for the quick response!
I see the updated document and it works perfectly for me.