Using Docker Containers to create a PBS cluster

Hi all,

I’ve followed the current guide for using docker to instantiate PBS ( This works for me. However, we would like to create a PBS cluster (Server node and and multiple compute nodes). The guide only illustrates how to create a single node cluster with docker.

  • Are there any docker files that set up the compute node to connect to the server node?
  • What steps do we need to create the compute node dockerfile?


Please go through these links:

Also, could you please let us know, why you would like to run Compute Node (PBS MOM) in a container and connect to PBS Server running in a container ?

Do you like to run PBS Server one container and then connect the PBS Mom running in many (each of them) containers to connect back to PBS Server.

I think , you can use the same guide to build a compute node, but disable PBS Server / Scheduler / Comm and only enable PBS MOM in the /etc/pbs.conf and ask it to connect to the PBS Server . Add this node in the PBS Server. ( note: networking/linking between the container might have to be setup )

 docker run -it --name pbsnode1 -h pbs pbspro/pbspro bash

Please update / correct, if there are changes.

Thank you