Does pbspro support ipv6?

Hi Team,

just wanted to check if pbspro opensource version supports ipv6 ? Thanks.

IPv6 is not supported, please correct me if i am wrong.
However you can keep the PBS Cluster on IPv4 and headnode (running PBS Server) on IPv4 & IPv6.
Also, could you please share the reason for using IPv6. ?

Thanks. We are develop a environment with only IPv6 hosts.

you mean PBS server and node is not able to running on hosts with only IPv6 ?

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Thanks for your inquiry @squallabc. @adarsh is correct, PBS Pro will not function properly in an IPv6 only environment. There was a project to support this some time ago (prior to PBS Pro open source), but it was not completed. PBS Pro will work in a mixed IPv4/IPv6 network.

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Hi All,

I know this topic was posted over two years ago but I was wondering if there had been any more recent changes to PBSPro/OpenPBS to support an ipv6 only environment (or if there are any plans to)? We’re currently running PBS Pro in a mixed IPv4/IPv6 environment but due to the network design (which are out of our team’s control) this is limiting where we can host PBS Pro. For the same reasons our replacement cluster coming later this year/early next will not have an ipv4 route to/from the PBS server and therefore we may need to move to a different scheduler if PBS Pro doesn’t support an ipv6 only environment (something I’d like to avoid).

Thanks for your help!