NOOB: How to install PBS on head node and 6 compute nodes

Hello everyone!

Long story short, I’m creating a raspberry pi cluster (3 b+) that has raspberian installed. It consists of a head node, nfs server and 6 compute nodes. I have open mpi installed, which works perfectly fine on all the compute nodes. Now, my next goal is to install open PBS but I.HAVE.NO.CLUE… Im stuck…

Is this even possible to do? If so, can someone please guide me?
How do I go about installed the open source code? Do I install it on all the RPi’s?
How different is the installation process with the head node and compute nodes?

Thanks in advanced!

Thinking out loud, i have not tried this myself on the rasberry device

  • You can compile PBS Pro OSS on a Debian system
  • Use those compiled PBS Pro binaries on the rasberry infrastructure and setup the PBS Pro