Elapsed wall time in a parallel job using qstat


As the title suggest, I would like to obtain the elapsed wall time from qstat when dealing with a parallel job. I tried using different options such as “qstat -s”, but the printed value for Elapsed Time is not right (I think it is multiplied by the number of cores). It also update quite slowly (at least every 10 seconds I would say).

Another issue I have, is the printed requested time. It shows the values set in the “resources_max.cput” for the queue and not the one I set in the job file with “#PBS-l walltime”

Thank you!

As you’ve probably figured out, if a job sets a limit on cput (either directly or from a queue default), that is what qstat reports. When no cput limit is given, qstat reports wall time.

As to the slow updating, this is to reduce load on execution hosts. See section Polling on Linux in the Admin Guide if you want to tune the MoM differently.