Email notification message body contents

I have PBS set to send emails at beginning and end of a job submission.

The default content of those emails is as follows:
Body of first email…
PBS Job Id: 10.pbs01
Job Name: STDIN
Begun execution

Body of email at end of job…
PBS Job Id: 10.pbs01
Job Name: STDIN
Execution terminated

I’d like to customize the body of each of these emails to also include the “exec_host =” value(s). Is it possible for me to add this information? If so, how?


We cannot customise this . The default content would remain the same.
However, you can use the pure epilogue script or Mom hook events (execjob_epilogue/execjob_end) to send customized mail.

Thanks for this information.

I’ve found the documentation for the epilogue script ( on AG-425/pg609 of PBS big book 19.2.3) but I don’t have an epilogue script in $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/

I’ve found such a script in our old xcat deployment code in torque/scripts/epilogue

Would they be the same? Is there meant to be a default epilogue script at $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/epilogue?

My actual question is more about how to change the “job started” email template - I presume I could make an $PBS_HOME/mom_priv/prologue?

Might be same.
For PBS Pro, these are the arguments values to the epilogue script
# $Id: epilogue
# $1 = job id
# $2 = user name
# $3 = group name
# $4 = job name
# $5 = session id
# $6 = requested resource limits
# $7 = resources used
# $8 = queue name
# $9 = account string
# $10 = exit code from job

No, it has to be composed by the cluster admin as per their requirements.

Job started would have many options – jobs approved by runjob hook, jobs that have reached prologue.

- Image Credits to PBS Professional Administrator Guide 19.X - Hook Basics Chapter 4 - PBS Professional 19.2.3 Hooks Guide HG-17

Hope this helps

I don’t know that you have strictly answered my question (“how to change the “job started” email template”) but I think that’s because what you were trying to say was ‘judging what “job started” means is hard, here is the list of possible definitions’.

If I was to look into the file tree, where would I find the job started email template? From what I can tell, these email messages are hard-coded (!) so the answer is definitively there are no templates, I will need to use a hook and make the decision on which hook to use.

Sorry for derailing myself !

No the email template is fixed and standard and cannot be changed.
However, you can compose your own mail format using the hook events

Your understanding is correct here.

Thank you