Email through a Hook


I am working on designing a Hook that monitors PBS resources. I am looking forward to implement email functionality wherein my Hook could send email to the users if their resources requested or used criteria is not met.

I had tried multiple ways to implement email feature in Hook through SMTP process but its not working out. Is there any other way?

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Please let us know in which hook event you tried this ? Also, if you can share the hook with the community ( if it can be shared ) .

  1. Please check whether you are able to send a mail via python script from the PBS Server host and PBS Compute nodes without using/calling it in a PBS hook.
  2. Then you can call that script in runjob hook or server periodic hook or exechost_periodic hook by passing the required values.

Thank you

Hi Adarsh,

Below is the Hook:

When it writes an email has been triggered to the system admin there I need to implement email logic

Answer to your queries:

  1. Yes I am able to send mail by using the below script through server
    Subject: Test Send Mail
    Hello World
    control d (this key combination of control key and d will finish the email.)

I had tried using Python as well bu the below is not working out
import smtplib
server = smtplib.SMTP(‘’, 587)

#Next, log in to the server
server.login(“youremailusername”, “password”)

#Send the mail
msg = "
Hello!" # The /n separates the message from the headers
server.sendmail("", "", msg)

Hi Rakhen,

The below exechost_epilogue works for me and i receive mail too.

import os,sys
import pbs
e = pbs.event()
    if e.job.in_ms_mom():
        walltime_used = str(e.job.resources_used["walltime"])
        cputime_used = str(e.job.resources_used["cput"])
        mem_used = str(e.job.resources_used["mem"])
        report_file = str("/tmp/abc.txt")
        pbs.logmsg(pbs.LOG_DEBUG, "report_usage file is %s" % report_file)

        fd_out = open(report_file, 'w+')
        print >> fd_out, 'Walltime used is = ' + walltime_used
        print >> fd_out, 'CPU Time used is = ' + cputime_used
        print >> fd_out, 'Memory used is   = ' + mem_used

        mail_cmd="/bin/mail -s \"PBS OSS\" < /tmp/abc.txt"
        pbs.logmsg(pbs.LOG_DEBUG, "mail_command  is %s" % mail_cmd)

except SystemExit:
    pbs.logmsg(pbs.LOG_DEBUG, "report_usage: failed with %s" % str(sys.exc_info()))

I hope this helps