Error Submitting Job: Unable to determine the nodes available at destination

Hi ,

While giving run from Ansys Eletronic desktop rsm tool getting below error. Suspecting some configuration needs to be done on pbs side.


The configuration has to be done on the Application side. Please check the RSM + PBS Pro guides.

Hi Adarsh,
I am trying to configure Ansys Eletorics rsm . While starting the ansoft rsm service getting the below error.
My job scheduler is Pbspro

[Error] Error opening server name file “/var/spool/torque/server_name” for reading. Verify that the file exists and is readable. If the TORQUEHOME directory is not the default (/var/spool/torque), then set the ANSOFT_TORQUEHOME environment variable to the pathname of the TORQUEHOME directory.

Hi prebinta,

Please note PBS Pro OSS is not torque:

/var/spool/pbs would be $PBS_HOME by default
/opt/pbs would be $PBS_EXEC by default

You can update those variables to point it to PBS Pro OSS.

In the RSM’s cluster configuration, you should see PBS Pro in the drop-down (against the Type of Cluster).
There is , you might need to update that file, please check Submit Command
of the RSM User guide.

Hi Adarsh,

I added the environment variable as ANSOFT_PBS_VARIANT=“pbspro”

Afterwards it took PBS Pro as job scheduler.

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