Gpu queue and guest user quotas

  1. how to enable quota per user based on user. we have regular and guest users. so want to have a limit on guest users.

  2. we have queue like small, large and long. resource like cpu and gpu run accordigly queues. but most of time cpu users will be using gpu node. how to have a dedicated gpu queue which allow job only if gpu requested by the user. i.e select=1:ncpus=1:ngpus=1

Could you please elaborate more with respect to this query. For example: disk quota, user management are all related to cluster administrator tasks and not related to work load manager/queuing system. However, but these can be made to affect the scheduling policy through some customisation and integration.

If i interpret correctly – you can check the fairshare policy and/or implementing fairshare in job sort formula.

  1. qmgr : create queue gpu queue_type=e,enabled=t,started=t

  2. qmgr: create resources nodetype type=string_array,flag=h

  3. add nodetype to the resources: line in the $PBS_HOME/sched_priv/sched_config
    example: resources: “aoe,ncpus,…,nodetype”

  4. kill -HUP

  5. qmgr: set queue gpu default_chunk.nodetype=gpunode
    qmgr: set queeu cpu default_chunk.nodetype=cpunode

  6. qmgr : set node gpu-node-name resources_available.nodetype=gpunode
    qmgr : set node cpu-node-name resources_available.nodetype=cpunode
    #any jobs submitted to gpu queue will land on to the nodes that have nodetype set to gpunode and same for cpu queue

  7. write a queuejob hook that scans the job request attributes and updates the destination queue for that job, if the select statement/line has ngpus , then it updates the queue to gpu queue, otherwise cpu queue.

Hope this helps

@adarsh quota in pbs for users. for example, 1. user X has allowed to run total 500gb mem and 1 gpu and 100 cpus
2. user Y has allowed to run total 10gb mem and 50cpus and no gpus.

sorry for the ambiguity in previous query. Hope my above query is clear now.

Thank you @anilkumar

Please check this section Examples of Setting Server and Queue Limits
PBS Professional 2021.1 Administrator’s Guide AG-297

You would have many options to achieve your configuration.