How to configure the backup service

Hi everyone, I currently have two PBS_SERVER one is PBS01 one is PBS02 and three PBS_NODE cn01~cn03, I want to do the backup mechanism but I don’t know how to configure it.

Do you mean Failover between the two servers?

Yes I would like to know how to configure the failover between services.

Please follow this document:
Section: 9.2 Failover
PBS Professional 2021.1 Administrator’s Guide AG-399

Thanks, I’ve figured out how to configure it.

There are two ways

  • Use PBS Pro inbuilt failover ( you would need two server(Primary & Secondary) and one storage server (with NFS , NFS lock enabled) on which PBS_HOME is mounted with file locking enabled. It active active configuration, if Primary fails, secondary finds it out and then starts its services using the shared $PBS_HOME directory (at any one point in time one of the servers is active and writing to PBS_HOME) - Failover Setup Issues - #2 by adarsh
  • Integrate with external High Availability solutions

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your help, I have benefited a lot.

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