How to create more MoMs on a single machine for testing


I am running ptl tests and some tests failed with this error:

2017-04-04 14:33:35,124 INFO len moms = 1
2017-04-04 14:33:35,124 ERROR test requires 3 MoMs as input, use -p moms=::
2017-04-04 14:33:35,125 INFO ERROR

How do I create and setup more MoMs for these tests? I am running pbs on a single machine.


Hi Minghui,
Its multi node test case. You need to setup 3 systems as follows,
node1=server , scheduler, mom
node2=mom only
node3=mom only
Once your setup ready invoke pbs_benchpress with -p “moms=node1,node2,node3”

Hi @kjakkali,

Thank you. Is there a way to setup 3 nodes on the same system?

Hi @minghui,

  1. Use virtual machines on your system. OR
  2. Create separate homes for MoMs and separate conf files. Have these MoMs communicate on seperate ports using PBS_MOM_SERVICE_PORT and PBS_MANAGER_SERVICE_PORT.

Details of these configuration options can be found in the guides.


Hi @minghui,

  • another option is docker