How to find finished jobs

Hi, I’m new to PBS and am trying to get the ID of the jobs started in the last 3 days.
On man page I’ve found the command : qstat -T

I’ve tried to give the command, with no result:

qstat -x -T sat 3

qstat: Unknown queue destination sat
qstat: Unknown Job Id 3.tcemn01

Are there other ways to get this info?

Many thanks for your help.

Here the output of the man qstat -T
-T Displays estimated start time for queued jobs, replacing the Elap Time field with the Est Start field.
Jobs with earlier estimated start times are displayed before those with later estimated start times.
This sorts the jobs to show the order in which they will be executed.

             Running jobs are displayed before other jobs.  Running jobs are sorted by their stime attribute (start

             Queued jobs whose estimated start times are unset (estimated.start_time = unset) are  displayed  after
             those  with  estimated start times, with estimated start time shown as a dash ("-").  Queued jobs with
             estimated start times in the past are treated as if their estimated start times are unset.

             Time displayed is local to the qstat command.  Current week begins on Sunday.

             The following table shows the format for the Est Start field when the -w option is not used:

             Format  Job's Estimated Start Time      Example
             HH:MM   Today                           15:34
             Day HH  Within 7 days, after today      We 15
             Month   This calendar yr, > this wk     Feb
             YYYY    <= 5 yrs from today, > this yr  2012
             >5yrs   > 5 years from today            >5yrs

You would need to enable the in-built pbshook called PBS_est and make sure all jobs are submitted with a walltime request.

qmgr -c "set pbshook PBS_est enabled = True"
qmgr -c "set pbshook PBS_est freq = <time interval in seconds>"
qmgr -c "list  pbshook"

Please refer Configuring Start Time Estimation in the PBS Professional 2024.1 Administrator’s Guide on page AG-134

Many thanks.
Have a good day.

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