How to local pbs_cgroups.CF (host specific cgroups settings)

Dear everyone,

I am currently trying to set PBS to read host specific pbs_cgroups.CF to discriminate mem and cpu reservations on office machines, i.e. potentially used by users, and empty machines.*

While modifying the local pbs_cgroups.CF of a MoM is straight forward and will set the proper resources_available (pbsnodes ), all changes are lost upon restarting the PBS server. This is unsufficient as I need a solution that is not lost upon a restart of the pbs server.

Trying a bunch of things my last effort was to rewrite the python script pbs_cgroups.PY such that the hook searches for a custom (hostname specific) configuration file. While the hook reports to read the file on the MoM, the resulting “resources_available” are not affect… Somewhere the settings from pbs_cgroups.PY are overwritten…

Any help is appriciated,

*Lets say i want to exclude one cpu and reserve 2gb of ram for common office tasks, such that jobs running are not slowed down, as a result of their high nice levels.

We are currently working on a solution for what you described. The pull request is under review here:

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