OpenPBS cgroups v2 support

Hi all

We have a need for cgroups v2 functionality on our pbs managed cluster.
We are currently using pbs_version = 19.1.3. However when we disable cgroups v1 with a kernel parameter and run the job it says cgroups is not available.

pbs_python;main: Cgroups disabled or none to manage

I can see in the release notes of OpenPBS v20.0.0 that they “enhanced cgroup functionality”, what do they mean with this?

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Hi! “enhanced cgroup functionality” means we’ve added options in the pbs_cgroups hook config file that offers:

  • flexible configuration for heterogeneous clusters
  • control of memory.swappiness
  • support for “cpu” subsystem

as well as replacement of old cpuset MOM on HPE systems.

What @bayucan said is accurate for cgroups v1. Support for cgroups v2 is not currently available.