How to set Prime time

I want to run my job in “p_A” queue from 2330 to 0930 in weekdays, and don’t want to set non prime time for any queue, Please find my below setting for prime time in holidays file
YEAR 2019

Prime Table


Day Start End

weekday 2359 0930
saturday 1500 0001
sunday all


Could you please share the issues you are facing with this holidays file and the prime queue you have created ?

Upon updating the holidays file did you kill -HUP ?

Please refer : Admin Guide section Configuring Primetime and Non-primetime

Can i set prime time for queue without giving “_p” prefix to queue name?

  • PBS provides a standard execution queue called workq which is an anytime queue:

  • Queues that does not have p_ prefix or np_ prefix will be anytime queues

  • Please find the example below:

     [root@pbsserver ~]# cat /var/spool/pbs/sched_priv/holidays  | grep -v "*"
     YEAR  2019
       weekday 1730  0600
       saturday  none  all
       sunday  none  all
     [root@pbsserver ~]# qmgr -c 'p q workq'
     # Create queues and set their attributes.
     # Create and define queue workq
     create queue workq
     set queue workq queue_type = Execution
     set queue workq enabled = True
     set queue workq started = True
     [root@pbsserver ~]# qmgr -c 'p q p_workq'
     # Create queues and set their attributes.
     # Create and define queue p_workq
     create queue p_workq
     set queue p_workq queue_type = Execution
     set queue p_workq enabled = True
     set queue p_workq started = True
     [root@pbsserver ~]# qstat -anws1
     [root@pbsserver ~]# qsub -q workq  -- /bin/sleep 1000
     [root@pbsserver ~]# qsub -q p_workq -- /bin/sleep 1000
     [root@pbsserver ~]# qstat -answ1
     																								   Req'd  Req'd   Elap
     Job ID                         Username        Queue           Jobname         SessID   NDS  TSK   Memory Time  S Time
     ------------------------------ --------------- --------------- --------------- -------- ---- ----- ------ ----- - -----
     1501.pbsserver                       root            workq           STDIN              10265    1     1    --    --  R 00:00:10 pbsserver/0
        Job run at Fri Feb 08 at 15:24 on (pbsserver:ncpus=1)
     1502.pbsserver                       root            p_workq         STDIN                --     1     1    --    --  Q  --   -- 
        Not Running: Job will run in primetime only

So if i want to make one of my existing queue as prime time queue then i have to delete and recreate with p_ prefix?
If another queue want to be run as prime time queue for specific days and then again run as anytime queue?

Thanks in advance…!!!