Primetime/NonPrimetime not working for me

New to PBS. Maybe it’s my misunderstanding, but i can’t get primetime scheduling to work. Here is what I tried (CentOS 7.5).

  1. edited holiday file in var/spool/sched_priv directory with the following changes:

    YEAR 2018

    weekday 1100 1110

  2. set anytime queues to be exempt in sched_config

    prime_exempt_anytime_queues: True

  3. create 3 execution queues. testq, p_testq, and np_testtq

  4. systemctl restart pbs

My understanding is if I submitt to np_testq between 1100 and 1110 the job will queue; however, the job executes. If i submit to p_testq between 1100 and 1110 the job queues…to my amazement…and tracejob says Job only runs in primetime. I submitted it in primetime. Also, the queued job doesn’t start running at 1110.

Hopefully this is something simple I’m missing. Can some please explain?


I think this is a time zone issue. PBS responds with a different time stamp than my system time. It’s off by 5 hour. PBS is in UTC time. How do I change this?

To set the prime and non-primetime :

  • edit the $PBS_HOME/sched_priv/holidays file
  • kill -HUP

If set to True, jobs in an anytime queue are not prevented from running across a primetime/non-primetime or non-primetime/primetime boundary.

Did all the jobs that were submitted have a walltime of your configured prime time interval - specified in the holidays file?