How to use Dynamic Resource in OpenPBS


We are using HPC on AWS cloud and OpenPBS version is 20.0.1.

Actually we are facing a problem where if cores are not available, then user can not submit a job and hence user need to retry after sometime.

So I have created a shell script that will check how many cores are available and I want to use this script as dynamic resource say vcpu_free. That means when user submit a job, the ncpu will be allocated to vcpu_free and which will check if those many requested cores are available and if not, it will keep that job in Pend status.

So can you please guide me as to what all steps that I need to follow. I am not much expert on PBS so it will be great if someone can share the guidelines to accomplish above task.


Hi Mahesh,

Please refer this link and you can replicate the same for your customisation.

Thank you