Invalid JSON output

Hi folks,

I noticed that “qstat -xfFjson” with two or more job IDs returns an erroneous JSON like this (details snipped):

qstat -xf -Fjson 69400 69401

I wish this would be fixed in the next major release. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Please head to and file a ticket. If you have trouble, let us know and someone will file it for you.

Is the only problem the lack of a closing brace at the end?

Hi @mkaro,

Thank you for your direction. I’ve filed the issue as PP-1240.
It’s first time for me to create an issue on JIRA… please correct it if something wrong.


Ticket looks good @Ikki, thanks for filing it. It will be prioritized and addressed relative to other open tickets unless someone from the community provides a fix and submits a pull request.