Open PBS 20.0.0 - anyone using it?

I just wanted to ask if anyone is using 20.0.0 version of openpbs, if yes how is that working for you and what are the feelings on upgrade process?
We’re using 19.1.3, and I’m considering upgrading to newer version.

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The current plan is to release OpenPBS v20 later this month… so, you’ll have to wait a couple weeks; stay tuned…


I have a suggestion regarding the upgrading process… I think it would be very nice to add support for recovering multi-noded jobs after mom restarts. Starting the mom with -p parameter, only the single-noded jobs are preserved right now.

The upgrade process from PBS Pro to OpenPBS would be much easier with this feature.

If the multi-noded jobs would be preserved on mom restarts, we would be able to simply stop all pbs services running PBS Pro, upgrade to OpenPBS and start the pbs services again. Just a short maintenance window would be needed and the whole infrastructure could be upgraded. This feature would be very useful even for regular upgrades.


Oh, excuse me, I thought that I saw 20.0 on master branch @ github, maybe I misunderstood something.
Let’s keep the topic open then, I’ll be glad to read what are the admins/users thoughts on new OpenPBS.