Issues related to the working directory

Hello PBSPro Team,
I’m having some trouble with the working directory and job outputs. PBSPro was installed by someone else so I’m not familiar with all the installation details. The jobs run fine but I just cannot find the outputs, don’t know where they went. I have tried adding “#PBS -o /home/afernandez/qs_128.out” and “cd /home/afernandez” to the script but makes no difference. I also tried setting PBS_O_WORKDIR but still without success. The thread #1518 suggests taking a look at the file profile.d but couldn’t find it. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks.

Hi @afernandezody

Try to exec qstat -f jobID. It will return a detailed information about your job. In this output there are two statments: Error_Path and Output_Path. These are the paths that you are looking for.

Hi Daniel,