Job Increment is Stored Where?

Curious where the job increment number is stored? We recently went through a refresh and patching, reprovisioned everything and rebooted everything… and the job numbers reset back to single digits. Was just wondering if this was stored in a file and not the DB? Want to research this but very odd.

Additional background, we use brightcluster, so if there is something else going and where to look or to reach out to them and see what they are doing…

I had noticed it before, it fell off my radar when everything else was fine.


In the database

This might be due to re-imaging the headnode with a golden image, which has fresh install of the software.

lol. Thanks… so that is the one thing I did not re-image… But I know where to look now. I did re-license it as well recently (ours is purchased) but that the external license manager and the numbering has survived a reboot before… If I find out, will update the thread.

This is correct behaviour.

Please note: if the PBS Server or server host is abruptly interupted due to power other outages , then there is an automatic job counter increment by 1000, say job id was 100, there was an outage, then next time server is booted up the job id would 1100 . However, there is no resetting of job counter back to 0.

Ty. I’m seeing a zero… I will reach out to both Bright and Altair and see what they come back with.