How can we reset pbspro database to job id 0 without reinstall pbspro

how can we reset pbspro db FROM Jobid 0

Solution 1:

  1. Take a backup of $PBS_HOME
  2. Take a pbs_diag or pbs_snapshot output
  3. Stop the PBS Services
  4. Move the old $PBS_HOME/datastore to $PBS_HOME/datastore_old
  5. $PBS_EXEC/etc/install_db
  6. Start the PBS Services
  7. Pipe back the configuration from the pbs_diag or pbs_snapshot backup.

Solution 2(not recommended - as mistakes might affect the integrity of the PBS datastore)

  1. disable the job history
  2. Stop the pbs services
  3. Update the jobidnumber in the database
  4. start the pbs services