JSON serialization of empty or comma variables problem

I have OpenPBS 20.0.1 and have a problem with qstat JSON serialization when one of my job variables is empty or contains comma.

Syntax that I tried:
Empty variable: “qsub -v RecordSeparator= start.sh”
Single quotes: “qsub -v RecordSeparator=’’ start.sh”
Double quotes: “qsub -v RecordSeparator="" start.sh”
Comma: “qsub -v RecordSeparator=, start.sh”
Comma in quotes: “qsub -v RecordSeparator="," start.sh”
Escaped comma in quotes: “qsub -v RecordSeparator="\," start.sh”

In all these cases the job is submitted, but when I look at job details with command "qstat -f -F json ", I see that this variable is serialized to


I.e. PBS incorrecty treats next variable key as value of my empty variable. What I would expect is


Furthermore with escaped comma PBS also produces line with incorrect json syntax, because \ is control character in json. I’d suggest to replace \ to \\ when serializing to json.

“Submit_arguments”:"-q workq -l select=1:ncpus=48 -v RecordSeparator=\, start.sh",

Example json output (partial)

            "Submit_arguments":"-S /bin/bash -q workq -l select=1:ncpus=48 -v RecordSeparator= start.sh",