Monitoring of Users and Jobs

We have OpenPBS version = 20.0.0 on Ubuntu 18.04, with 3 GPU servers configured as nodes
We need to monitor the followings on per day basis -

  1. Which all users have submitted jobs on PBS
  2. To which all nodes these jobs were assigned

Request your suggestions to accomplish this

Check chapter 17 of the Admin Guide. The accounting logs under PBS_HOME/server_priv/accounting/ should have the information you need. Generally, you’ll want to write custom scripts to extract and summarize the data for your particular needs. Google for parse PBS accounting logs finds a few open source PBS accounting log parsers you could use as examples. I have no experience with them–we wrote our own.


The quick easy way is to write a bash script and parse the output of qstat at the end of each day. A longer term solution is to write your own python or perl script to parse the logs.