Need swap usage in qstat -f details


qstat -f shows the mem, cput, cpupercent used by the job. We also need information on the swap space used by the job. Is it possible to configure this so that it can be reported in qstat -f details?


qstat -f or qstat -fx gives the detailed job information.

mem = actual memory
vmem = mem + swap (a kind of)

Ref: PBS Professional 18.2.3 Installation & Upgrade Guide IG-100
If you were using vmem at the queue or server level before the upgrade, then after upgrading you must add vmem to the new resource_unset_infinite sched_config option. Otherwise jobs requesting vmem will not run.

If “vmem” is part of the job request, then it will become part of qstat -f or -fx output
For example: qsub -l select=1:ncpus=1:mem=10gb:vmem=1gb

Otherwise, you can inject available swap and used swap into the job’s data using execjob_epilogue.

Hi Adarsh,

Is it possible to inject the swap usage into the jobs’ data on a periodic basis during the job’s run?


It is possible to inject swap usage upon the completion of the job in the execjob_epilogue hook.
I am not sure whether you can inject swap usage while the job is running into the jobs data (displayed in the qstat -f output of the job ).