Upgrading from 19.1.2 to 22.05.11

Just wanted to ask about upgrades. Are there any good resources with steps for performing an upgrade? I’ve cobbled together my own from other posts here on the forum to get a general idea of what is necessary.

The small info about upgrading on the v20 release says:

Important upgrade note: rpm -U cannot be used to upgrade from an earlier release (because the software name has changed to OpenPBS). Overlay and migration upgrades from v19.1 to v20.0 should work. To do an overlay upgrade: (1) stop PBS, (2) make a backup of your installation, (3) uninstall the older version of PBS via “rpm -e”, (4) install the new OpenPBS via “rpm -i”, and (5) start PBS up again.

I assume this is still the path to follow in general? However, I’m curious, specifically when going from something like 19.1.2 to 22.05.11, if there are important/significant considerations or gotchas I should watch out for in the process because of such a leap in versions- there have been hundreds of changes since 19.1.2.

I am setting up a test environment and installing 19.1.2 on it so I can safely test out an upgrade and see how it goes- though things often get more complicated when this is attempted in the real world. Of course we’ll do things the right way, backups, and all that- but any input anyone has from upgrade experience would be helpful. A community / crowd-sourced upgrade guide may not be a bad idea- or should I refer to Altair’s documentation for a different version to still get a “general” idea of the upgrade process?

Sorry for the rambling post, this may ultimately prove very simple to upgrade, but figured I’d ask! :slight_smile:

Maybe I am stating the obvious, but just in case, chapter 6 of the installation guide contains the instructions for upgrading.

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Steps for overlay upgrade

  1. stop the pbs services on the PBS Server host

  2. take the backup (perserving permissions) of /etc/pbs.conf, /etc/init.d/pbs , $PBS_HOME , $PBS_EXEC

  3. using the compiled version of rpm or rpm built from source, you can run

    • rpm -Uvh pbspro-server*.rpm
      yum install pbspro-server.rpm
  4. On the compute nodes you can just run yum install pbspro-execution*.rpm (with the latest rpm build/compiled build)

  5. start the PBS Services on the server host and then start the PBS Services on the compute nodes

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I suppose I was leaning more towards specific things to watch out for in making such a big leap in versions, specifically between the two I mentioned. I have checked the guides before, though I see now there is a 2022.1 documentation which I could not find (or it had not yet been posted) before, I’ll review this newer guide also.

Also thank you @adarsh for the overlay steps. However, since I’m going between v 19 and later, I will have to avoid rpm -U due to the software name change- but I can use your info + the other steps included in the v 20 release notes to accomplish the upgrade rpm-wise. Thanks!