OpenPBS : Get older versions

Hi all,

I work everyday on a cluster where PBS 13 is used.

I need to create a test cluster. I think with one virtual machine and lxc containers.

On this test cluster I will install an open version of PBS and I need an older release (ideally release 13).

Only version 19 can be downloaded.

Have you any idea of how to download older version of OpenPBS ?

Thank for your help.



PBS Pro open source releases may be found here:

The oldest tagged release is version 14.1.2. Please note that OpenPBS and PBS Pro are different packages. This forum is dedicated to the PBS Pro open source package.

Hi Marko,

Thanks for your answer.

Sorry I did not know that that there is a difference between “OpenPBS” and “PBS pro open source”. I thought this is the same.

I will search information to understand.

Have a nice day.