Sources of OpenPBS version 22.05.11


Why there is no source release of the new version on github (or elsewhere)?


Hmm, no comments at all?

It was tagged, not listed as a release.

Ah, sorry, I didn’t realize that. Is there a specific reason for announcing it (along with some binaries) in the forum as a release then?

Sorry, I don’t know. That’s something the release managers will have to respond to.

Hey Sorry,

we are just a bit behind - here is the release: Release OpenPBS v22.05.11 Release · openpbs/openpbs · GitHub

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It appears the download link for openpbs 22.05.11 on rockylinux is broken, i get a 0 byte file, and i tested on many computers with same result, can anyone check if it is working for them?

Yes it is zero bytes for me as well. We will get it fixed asap.

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